Teaching youth to reach for the "STAR" within.


Teaching the Youth to Reach for the "STAR" Within.
Welcome to MorningStar International!

Established in 2008, MorningStar International, Inc. is a nonprofit organization design to impact, educate, inspire, and advance the lives of youth and young adults from all backgrounds and cultures. In providing services and programs to the community, we will educate the youth to be college empowered, to follow the leader within, and to develop business skills through our programs. We help advance the lives of our youth and young adults by positioning them for a better future. Educating our communities will expand the knowledge, skills, and personal development to enhance future leaders. Committed to the success of our MorrningStar Scholars (participants), they too must put forth effort to ensure their goals transpire.

Above picture: The Founder Starr Allen of MorningStar International, taking a fun picture with 4th graders after giving a speech on "Becoming Who You Want To Be."

Make a donation today by helping us educate, inspire, and empower youth in our communities. Your donation can change a life one youth at a time. Please click the PayPal link below to sow your donation seed.

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