Teaching youth to reach for the "STAR" within.


Teaching the Youth to Reach for the "STAR" Within.


MorningStar International, Inc. programs are designed to motivate, inspire, and encourage the youth and young adults to find and “Reach for the STAR Within.” Our MorningStar Scholars (participants) can choose any of the following Scholar Trek Programs. All participants must attend our 2 week orientation process “Renewing the Mind” before being active in any of the following programs.

*Applications are available August - December of each year, and followed by an interview.

MORNINGSTAR – Scholar Trek Program will focus on the following:

Accessing resources for higher education, qualifying criteria, career opportunities, finances, planning, entrepreneurship and other topics, designed to motivate and show youth and young adults how choices made today will create their future.

MorningStar Scholars/Leaders (Participants) will discover new insights about themselves, the real world, finances, jobs, goals, education by:
  • Assessing interests/aptitudes and the development of a career plan.
  • Explore careers and higher education – online and through job-shadowing.
  •  Research college information and schools – online and real life tours.
  • Complete a detailed plan for their future that gives them meaningful goals to commit to and strive toward.
  • Familiarization with applications and standardized testing processes.
  • Business development.
  • Interview skills and resume writing.
  • Discussions on working your way through school.
  • Student financial aid workshops.

The Scholar Trek Program will consist of the following:

  • Intake Processes: An assessment tool to measure both quantitative and qualitative results of program. By administering a survey and questionnaire before and after a student completes the Scholar Trek program, we can determine how much the student has learned about education, career, money, entrepreneurship and lifestyle. Observations made during the Interview uncover changes in a student’s beliefs, attitude, and motivation.
  • A series of in-depth, interactive life skill and motivational programs for young people and adults.  The program will guide participants, step-by-step, to craft a detailed vision of their independent adult life, discover their unique purpose in that life, and build real-world readiness skills.  They will develop a sense of direction and meaning as they learn the proportions and realities of the adult world.  Their plan is uniquely theirs, they created it, and they are more committed to taking the responsibility to making it come true. 
  • Skill development in resume/cover letter and interview techniques.
  • Investing in our community through community service activities.

Our Programs
College Empowered- College Preparatory Program

(This program is designed for youth and young adults ages 9-21, to aid individuals to be College Empowered).

  • Learn the pros and cons of college life
  • Tutor and preparation for ACT and SAT test
  • Resources for GED preparation and courses
  • College Tours
  • Assistance with scholarship and grant search
  •  Financial Aid workshops
  • Learn studying techniques
  •  Non-tradition college student preparation skills
  • Provide social development information
Follow the Leader- Mentoring Program

(This program is for youth ages 9-21, to inspire youth to follow the Leader within and reach attainable goals for success).
  • Mentoring
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Career development/job shadowing
  • Interview etiquette
  • One on one sessions
  •  Group sessions
  • Inspire youth to reach attainable goals
  • Advice and provide adequate resources
You are the Millionaire Mind- Entrepreneurship Program

(This program is for youth and young adults ages 11-21, who have the desire to become an entrepreneur).
  • Business plan development
  •  Learn business etiquette 
  • Build good character skills and read self-help books
  • Hands on business experience and leadership skills
  • Business training/mentor
  • Learn business strategies
  • Learn business types: Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Non-Profit Corporation, Corporation and S Corporation  
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